My name is Sarah and I’ve been shooting family photos for eight years.  As a mother and wife, I know how busy we are and how stressful most days can be.  Family photos should be easy and fun, a chance to forget about the worries of everyday life and instead enjoy being with the people you love the most.

I’ll focus on the details so you can focus on each other, and I promise you’ll have an unforgettable experience that perfectly captures the unique personality and beautiful details of your family that you’ll remember today and for years to come.

About Sarah

I work to create a set of images, a collection of moments together, that detail who your family is at this particular moment in time.

People often say that they will wait for family photos. That they aren't ready right now, but will be soon.  But I can't tell you enough that NOW is always the right time.  YOUR FAMILY IS PERFECT AND READY to capture JUST AS YOU ARE.

I promise to quiet the background noise of my life and yours during a session and guide your family through a series of activities, games and poses that will help you all relax, have a lot of fun and bring forth genuine emotion and detail.  

My Philosophy

My promise to my clients is to DOCUMENT and SHOW YOU that no matter how messy and busy your daily life is, that what you are building, and sitting in your yoga pants feeling overwhelmed with, is BEAUTIFUL and IMPORTANT.  And it is also FLEETING.

I'm your photographer when one smiling at the camera Christmas card photo isn't enough! Let's work together to capture all the details, the in between moments, the real, genuine connections.  A collection of all the important things left unsaid and undocumented in your everyday life.

You set out on this parenting journey to experience love and you have spent your days (and nights) fostering that with everything you have. Let's capture and preserve this chapter of YOUR UNIQUE FAMILY STORY in a timeless, simple, beautiful way.


the beauty of a loud, genuine, laugh is everything.

my favorite things...

The beach.
 This is my happy place. the sand, the salt, the sounds, I love it all.  

my favorite things...

 Of all kinds. Big and small, I want them on everything from sweaters to paper plates.

my favorite things...

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